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Kalash Ballistics ballistic plate for TA DEFENSE Level III+ bulletproof vest

Kalash Ballistics ballistic plate for TA DEFENSE Level III+ bulletproof vest

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Kalash Ballistics plate level 3+ TA Defense

The Kalash Ballistics plate only exists for one reason, to counter Kalashnikov fire. And at some point let's be real, the bad guys don't use the calibers used by the police, such as 9 para, the calibers used by shooters like the .22 long rifle and other second rate calibers.

They use weapons of war with munitions of war. Vests and plates designed to resist 9x19 would be penetrated like butter by an armored warhead of military caliber ammunition.

These plates present here provide a level of protection against shots from Kalashnikov AK-47 firing the calibers:

  • 7.62 x 39mm in the following variants

  • x3 shots of piercing incendiary bullet 7.62 x 39mm API* (armor piercing incendiary)
  • x6 shots of 7.62 x 39mm MSC mild steel copper core (copper coated steel semi-hollow load)

  • x6 shots 7.62 x 39mm LC lead core (copper bullet)

This plate also makes it possible to stop shots from weapons such as AR10 , FN Scar 17 S, MR308, FR F2 chambering the caliber:

  • x6 shots of 7.62x51mm (7.62 NATO FMJ M80)
  • x6 shots of 5.56 x 45 mm, (5.56 NATO M193 LC and SS 109 ammunition)

And all lower calibers in terms of power, stopping power and penetration.

  • .22 long rifle
  • .380 ACP
  • .38 special
  • 9x19 Parabellum (9x19 Luger, 9mm Para, .22 9mm)
  • .357 Magnum
  • .44 Magnum
  • How does the Kalash Ballistics bulletproof plate work?

    They are made with micro fragments of AI203 Ceramic (alumina), which will break and fragment the bullet and dissipate its penetrating power. The ultra high modulus polyethylene UHMWPE material, which is the strongest material among the entire thermoplastic family, will stop the bullet and the shock wave by contracting.

    Ultra High Modulus Polyethylene, for example, has 15 times greater abrasion resistance than steel. More resistant to impact than most high-performance polymers available today

    With its curved shape at the level of the floating sides, this bulletproof plate can adapt to any type of body shape, and allows you to both have a well-fitted ballistic vest and feel safe.

    Arrival mid-May

    Product Features

    Brand: TA DEFENSE

    Model: Kalash Ballistics

      Material: URMW-PE (super-lightweight material that is strong and ultra-resistant to impact and abrasion) + AI203 ceramic (alumina)

      Plate thickness: 18 mm

      Plate holder: Adjustable in nylon

      Weight : 2.5 kg

      Guarantee: 5 years if the plates are well maintained, cleaned with a cloth and water, unpainted, untouched, untreated, undrilled.

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      + More + info

      Is this ballistic plate right for you?

      For professionals and citizens.

      This protective plate is designed for professionals who must face attacks with handguns and long guns.

      Intended to protect military personnel, police forces, border protection agents, control agencies, private security agencies, state agencies, defense agencies, and any person requiring protection while performing his duty.

      NOTE: the ammunition in photos is not sold on this site, these images are offered for educational purposes to help visitors to this site evaluate the stopping power of ballistic plates.

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