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KIKER TA DEFENSE window breaker belt cutter

KIKER TA DEFENSE window breaker belt cutter

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KIKER 3in1: window breaker, seat belt cutter and emergency whistle

Do you live in a flood zone? Do you live near marshes or swamps? Or do you use your car a lot?

So equip yourself with a simple Kiker for your safety.

Why have a Kiker window breaker and belt cutter?

Cars can get stuck in the event of an accident or flood... With you inside.

You should know that in the event of an accident, in the event of an impact, your locking system may suffer from the impact and in the event of heavy rain and flooding, the water may fry the electronic circuits.

If help is there they can help you but sometimes unfortunately we find ourselves alone.

It's often in the daily news that we see this type of accident, when a simple little tool like the Kiker - window breaker and seat belt cutter - can save your life when the minutes are running out.

Just like your fluorescent vest and your triangle, the Kiker is essential equipment for your car.

  • What is a window breaker used for?

The Kiker from TA Défense is a window breaker and seat belt cutter with one goal, to save your life . Yes, it's a survival keychain .

The TA defense Kiker with its key ring format can be taken wherever you need thanks to its compact dimensions and lightness.

  • How to break a car window?

The best, simplest and fastest is to use a TA DEFENSE Kiker, because it is simple and effective.

Simply apply the Kiker to one of the corners of the car window and press to break it.

Thanks to the TA Défense Kiker, you even reduce the danger of cutting yourself with broken glass.

  • Which window should you choose to break?

Thanks to the Kiker, a simple application on the corner of the window is enough to break the window so you can escape. Choose the side window, that of the door because the side windows are generally made of simple safety glass.

“Your door glass is a much better choice.” 

The windshield when it is made of triple-layer laminated glass, it will crack like a spider's web and several blows will be necessary to finish it.

The rear window is generally made of tempered glass, the Kiker can break it in a second, but when it breaks the glass breaks are sharper. The window in your door is therefore a much better choice.

  • Belt cut

The Kiker belt cutter from TA Défense with its angle of less than 40 degrees and its extremely sharp carbon steel allows you to cut any seat belt fitted to your car.

It consists of an extremely sharp blade, but intended for cutting nylon belts. The plastic guide guard makes a blade injury almost impossible.

  • Escape

Cutting a seatbelt and breaking a window can be vital if your car catches fire, your car falls into a body of water, or in an accident if your car windows refuse to close. lower.

You can save yourself by getting out of the passenger compartment in the event of a problem.

The operating method is a punch powered by a double action spring

  • Save lives

Likewise, if you witness an accident, with the TA Defense kicker, you can yourself help people in danger if you are authorized and trained to help. The TA Defense Kiker saves lives, he is the tool but you are the hero.

We do not recommend leaving it in your glove box, which is a bit difficult to access in emergency situations. It is best to leave it hanging from your central mirror via a zip collar or from your car keys.

Above all, have it close at hand.

  • Reusable

Is the seat belt window breaker disposable?

Good news! Window breaker belt cutter Kiker is reusable thanks to its percussion spring system, the window breaker needle resets and hits one or more windows as many times as necessary.

  • Additional Features

The TA Défense kicker is equipped with a key ring. Always keep it close at hand.

This small rescue object, i.e. emergency, is an important rescue element for cars and many other emergency situations.

  • Equip my loved ones
You can complete your emergency equipment with the Kiker thanks to our Family Pack:
3 Kikers bought the 4th free!
When checking out use the code: KIKERFAMILY


Its super simple use makes it an ideal and essential accessory.

  1. Remove the black protective cap from the blade.
  2. Cut the belt diagonally.
  3. Apply the round black part to one of the edges of the window.
  4. Press with all your strength to break the glass and escape.


To find out how it works watch the video:

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Simple et efficace

Article conforme à mes attentes. Il devrait être obligatoire dans les voitures. J'habite dans une zone inondable et cela me rassure de l'avoir lors de mes déplacements