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Reinforced black M-Pact2 shell gloves - Mechanix

Reinforced black M-Pact2 shell gloves - Mechanix

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The Mechanix® M-Pact®2 shell gloves are reinforced gloves of very good quality and manufacturing.

The M-Pact®2 gloves differ from other Mechanix® gloves by their accordion thermoplastic rubber reinforcements.

They meet the EN 13594 standard with regard to resistance to impacts and abrasion.

The back of the glove is made of synthetic leather. These gloves are reinforced with comfortable, strong, shock and vibration absorbing molded TPR thermoplastic rubber plates.

The synthetic leather palm is reinforced with a padded lining at the base of the palm, with double nylon stitching on each eminence. A second reinforcement plate is placed on the palmar interosseous bones (reinforcement on the four bumps located between the hollow of the palm and the base of the fingers)

Protection assured and recognized for the following reasons:

  • abrasion resistant
  • burst resistant
  • impact resistant
  • tear resistant
  • and puncture resistant.

Most :
Strong resistance to impacts and shocks.

Maximum reliability for using the touch screen without loss of dexterity.
No seams stuck under your nails.

Combat and shooting oriented, the TPR silicone grip lines placed on the pad of the index finger and thumb not only allow you to use a touch screen by improving thermal conductivity, but also to better feel your devices and for them. shooters, departures.

Size guide

MEN’S sizes

Length of middle finger

Palm width


12.3cm – 13.0cm

6.5cm – 7.5cm


13.0cm – 13.8cm

7.5cm – 8.5cm


13.8cm – 14.5cm

8.5cm – 9.8cm


14.5cm – 15.2cm

9.8cm – 11cm


15.2cm – 15.9cm

11cm – 12.2cm

WOMEN’S sizes

Length of middle finger

Palm width


10.0cm – 10.5cm

5.5cm – 6.5cm


10.5cm – 11.0cm

6.5cm – 7.5cm


11.0cm – 11.5cm

7.5cm – 8.5cm


  1. Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) impact protection complies with EN 13594.
  2. Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) fingertip protection.
  3. The thermoplastic rubber (TPR) closure ensures a secure fit to your wrist.
  4. Breathable TrekDry® keeps hands cool and comfortable.
  5. Armortex® palm reinforcement
  6. Internal fingertip reinforcement provides added strength and durability where you need it most.
  7. 0.8mm touchscreen capable synthetic leather provides the perfect blend of dexterity and protection.
  8. D30® palm padding absorbs and dissipates high-impact energy.
  9. Nylon support loops.
  10. Machine washable.


EN 13594 standard resistant to impacts and abrasion.

Certification 2121 EN388 / EN420 These gloves are resistant to cold, abrasion, mechanical risks and bad weather.
Severe abrasions, cuts, vibration or puncture injuries, joint damage, exposure to fire and intense heat .


  • Military
  • Policeman
  • Search and rescue
  • Maintenance and repair

These gloves were originally designed for the military and law enforcement.

They can also be used for airsoft and paintball.

+ More + info on Mechanix® M-Pact ®2 Shell Gloves

How can you have an M-Pact ® that makes a difference in a combat situation?

M-Pact®2 shell gloves have equipped and protected military and law enforcement professionals for more than 10 years now.

Stay in control with the latest generation Mechanix ® M-Pact®2 gloves and their legendary resistance tested and approved by the EN 13594 standard:

  • abrasion resistant
  • burst resistant
  • impact resistant
  • tear resistant
  • and puncture resistant.

M-Pact® 2 tactical gloves protect your hands from impact injuries with a thermoplastic rubber metacarpal padding system. This accordion protection creates an impact-resistant barrier between your hands and the unexpected. We left the index finger free so as not to hinder your dexterity.

The areas of the palm that can become support phases have been reinforced with D30® foam to absorb impacts and reduce hand muscle fatigue on the pitch

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