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Color filters and diffuser for lamp - Armytek

Color filters and diffuser for lamp - Armytek

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Filters for lamps are designed to expand the possibilities of their application. They make the lamps even more versatile and more efficient.

These filters can be used on lamps such as Predator, Viking, Prime and Partner from Armytek.


Green filters are used for hunting at night and for tactical purposes. Green light does not scare animals, because most animals do not see this spectrum of light.


The red filter is good for reading maps at night and for working with navigation devices. It does not interfere with night vision and can be used for signaling.


The blue filter is good for working with navigation devices and for reading maps, as contours and lines are better visible in blue light. It can also be used with night vision devices.


We use the diffuser on the lamp to obtain a smooth and homogeneous diffused light output. A wide beam is particularly useful for lighting up close, for example for reading, or for lighting a tent or a room. The light beam covers a large area and provides bright and comfortable lighting.

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