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Red Dot Prism Fixed Magnification Primary Arms X5

Red Dot Prism Fixed Magnification Primary Arms X5

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This red dot sight is part of the SLx optics range. SLx optics have built Primary Arms' reputation for innovation, reliability and value, among the best value for money on the market, all SLx optics undergo rigorous field testing during their development to better serve you. serve, in any environment.

This Gen III Primary Arms X5 Compact Red Dot Sight with Enhanced ACSS 5.56 Reticle is our most rugged red dot design. The fixed 5x magnification and illuminated horseshoe and chevron reticle allow for surprisingly fast, both-eyes-open shooting at close range, while the ACSS reticle allows for consistent shooting up to impressive distances. 800 meters. The Gen III oscilloscope has been equipped with our strongest next-generation brackets to provide knock-down mounting options with incredible clamping power.

Covered by the Primary Arms lifetime warranty, this red dot sight is designed to be used on military-type firearms because its primary advantage will be its solidity, its resistance to shocks, the robustness of its fixings on the weapon, for maintaining precision.

Constructed from 6061 aluminum with a Type II matte black anodized finish. Turret caps can be used to adjust windage and elevation. It comes with a removable 1913 MIL STD Picatinny base.

Its reticle is calibrated up to 800 meters,
100 meters being the tip of the rafter, 200 the base of the rafter, and the rest being calibrated at 400m, 600m and 800m.

There are intermediate points for 300m, 500m and 700m.

There is also a calculation scale on the side to evaluate the shooting distance.

+ More + info on the reticle system

The heart of the Primary Gen 2 x5 is the 5.56 calibrated ACSS reticle combining distance evaluation, wind compensation, counter-aiming for moving targets, and ballistic drop compensation up to 800 m.

On the right of the reticle is an integrated telemetry system; you must place the bottom of the target on the bottom rung in order to give the distance to the target.

The 2 points on each side of the horseshoe reticle are moving target compensators, for a target moving at 15 km per hour. Each point of the BDC reticle represents 7 km hour of wind, which drastically increases the probability of hitting the target at any distance and under normal wind weather conditions.

The central chevron allows more precise aiming which will not obscure the target and the strong point of this reticle printed directly on the lens, and that it does not require a battery or illumination in order to be used there. on the other hand the possibility of having 10 brightness levels, 5 in green and 5 in red, for rapid target acquisition in confined spaces, or to improve visibility in dark environments, all this using a CR battery 2032 available everywhere.

The SLX 5 Gen 3 offers greater strength and adaptability than ever before with its new generation of more robust mounting. Everything about the mount, from the materials and finish to the design, has been improved to create a mount that will not only attach securely to your rail, but will stand up to real-world use. The integrated anti-recoil tangs lock your device to withstand the heaviest recoil, while the large diameter cross bolts give you significantly improved tightening power and are resistant to high torque. The included riser is the perfect height for the AR-15 and AR-10, but can be easily removed for adaptation to the carry handle or use on AK systems.


  • New reinforced bracket provides exceptional clamping power
  • Includes AR-15 height riser
  • The reticle has a distance rating scale up to 800 meters and is calibrated for 5.56 NATO, 223 Remington, 5.45x39mm and 308 Winchester calibers.
  • Partially illuminated reticle is visible even in broad daylight with red or green illumination
  • Red or green lighting available on the same optic for greater adaptability
  • Removable M1913 upper rail (Picatinny or 21mm) for attaching accessories or red dot sights
  • 10.3mm lens is bright and comfortable for your eyes.
  • 10 meter field of view at 100 yards makes it easy to track moving targets
  • 2.7" - 3.0" eye relief
  • 1/4 MOA turret clicks are crisp and audible for easy zeroing
  • The prism is robust and waterproof resistant to fog and shock.
  • Durable hard coat anodized black finish
  • Compatible with standard carry handle mounts
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty (5 years)


Battery life 50,000 hours
Battery type CR2032 - 3V lithium
Brand Primary Arms
Brightness levels: 10
click adjustment range 1/3 MOA
Hard Anodized Finish
Material Aluminum 6061
Night vision compatible
Dot color: red - green
Guaranteed for 5 years
Weight 520 grams

Nico's advice

Compact Solid Robust, the horseshoe reticle may be a little small, I prefer the larger Raptor reticle of the Prisme X3

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