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Tomahawk Weeping Heart Ax - Cold Steel

Tomahawk Weeping Heart Ax - Cold Steel

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Cold Steel's Weeping Heart Hawk

Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson trained with a Weeping Heart Tomahawk for over 10 years, and enjoyed his training so much, we decided to make one from forged steel.

Part of the head is shaped like a Hudson axe, the other part is shaped like an eagle's beak.

One part is used for trimming and cutting, like a tool, while the other is used for drilling.

This type of Tomahawk was once used in combat and could cause serious injury to the enemy.

Its handle is quite long and a huge advantage when it comes to slamming, parrying, blocking, catching and grappling enemy weapons.



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  • Steel : 1055 High carbon content
  • Blade length (cm) : 56cm
  • Total length (cm) : 56cm
  • Blade color : Black
  • Neck (Finish) : Drink
  • Blade profile : Chopped
  • Handle color : Natural wood
  • Sharp : Smooth
  • Weight : 728 grams

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